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    • A live colugo riding on someones back
    • amoeba working at a microscope
    • Bill OReilly - Tides Go In
    • E. coli Liberation Front
    • Imaginary Friend (Atheist Theme)
    • Joseph Swan vs. Thomas Edison
    • Knowledge is Power
    • Lost Boys Sexy Sax Guy
    • Love and Bacon
    • Orange Juice - Pulp or Pulp Fiction
    • p53- Guardian of the Genome
    • Parody Ikea Instructions
    • Psychohistory / The Foundation
    • Shadow Hostage reworked with monster / devil
    • Something with Jean-Luc Picard
    • Tesla Power! on the front (features Tesla with blue electricity coming from his hands (in a wicked, evil-scientisty pose) and says Alternating Current on the back
    • The end is near! (Luther, 1528 A.D.)
    • Young Stalin will steal your girlfriend