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Hi, this is my unfinished test build for my site relaunch, somehow it seems google found it and started indexing it, but shits on fire, yo, so you should probably head to the live site
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What the hell is this crap?
Once in a while I have an idea that is clearly awful, but makes me laugh, and I decide to go with it. Just Jabba, is totally one of these ideas, so I propose a deal: when at least one copy of each Jabba shirt has been purchased I vow to add two brand new Jabbas within a fortnight to begin the cycle anew! Lets see how terrible these get by the time I'm done! Jabbas that have sold a copy are marked with a this checkmark symbol: Note: My script checks on these once a day, but can't always detect a shirt if it was made in the customizer, so e-mail me if I miss one.