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    1.21 Giga W00t (where it looks like a dashboard gauge that's reading 1.21)
    A live colugo riding on someones back
    alfred hitchcock
    amoeba working at a microscope
    angel & devil on shoulder
    Bill OReilly - Tides Go In
    Burt Macklin FBI
    buyers remorse
    catch 22
    damned if you do or don't
    David (Bowie)
    dr feelgood
    dranged drama masks
    E. coli Liberation Front
    entrapment / honey trap
    everyone are hypocrites (cept me)
    F. Scott Fitzgerald
    Imaginary Friend (Atheist Theme)
    it seemed like a good idea at the moment
    Joseph Swan vs. Thomas Edison
    Julius Caesar
    kangaroo court
    Knowledge is Power
    Liam Gallagher
    Lost Boys Sexy Sax Guy
    Love and Bacon
    money is fiction (literally)
    Noel Gallagher
    Orange Juice - Pulp or Pulp Fiction
    ostritch head in sand
    p53- Guardian of the Genome
    Parody Ikea Instructions
    psy-ops helpline
    Psychohistory / The Foundation
    rationalisation of cowardice
    Savonarola / bonfire vanities
    Shadow Hostage reworked with monster / devil
    Something with Jean-Luc Picard
    stanley kubrick
    surfing hippos
    t shirt where it is a 4 panel comic of a dinosaur tossing pizza dough
    Tesla Power! on the front (features Tesla with blue electricity coming from his hands (in a wicked, evil-scientisty pose) and says Alternating Current on the back
    The end is near! (Luther, 1528 A.D.)
    the more you ignore me the closer i get
    Theory v. hypothesis
    vini vidi vici
    voodoo economics
    Young Stalin will steal your girlfriend