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    ada lovelace programmers
    Air Churchill
    American Blockades
    American Doughboys
    Anasazi Phantoms
    Anything Ronald Reagan
    assasination of hypatia
    Babbage Programmers
    Barbarian Tribes vs greece
    Bay of Pigs
    British Unsinkables
    burning library of alexandria
    Carpet Baggers
    Chesapeake Ironclads
    Curie X-Rays
    D.C. Ununited (referring to the Civil War)
    Defenestrators of Prague
    Egyptian Tomb Raiders
    Eldorado Conquistadors
    Emacs vs. vi
    Falkland Conflict
    Franz Kafka
    French Chevaliers
    Gallipoli Anzacs
    Genghis khan and his Mongol hordes
    GOP v. Progress (Since 1856)
    Grace Hopper Debuggers
    Gutenberg Presses
    Hatshepsut Obelisk Builders
    Hatsheptsut Strap Ons (with a pharaonic beard and maybe a chicks head) v. Tutmose Tykes (with a child in an oversized pharaonic crown)
    Herodotus v Thucydides Fathers of History
    Inquisitors of Torquemada
    Isembard Kingdom Brunel Steam Engines
    Jabir bin Hayan Chemists
    Jacksonian Democrats
    Leibniz Integrators v. Newtonian Principials
    Light Brigade Chargers
    Machiavellis Leviathans
    Machiavellis Princes
    Magna Carta
    Manhattan Project
    Medieval Barbers
    Meiji Restoration
    NASAs Eagles
    Occam's Razors vs. Alex Jones Tinfoil Hatters.
    Occams razor
    okugawa Shogunate
    Ottoman Janissaries
    Pericles V. Lysander (Peloponnesian League)
    Philosophers of Greece
    Pompeii Volcanos
    Prohibition Bootleggers
    Renaissance Men of Florence
    Robert Hooke vs Isaac Newton
    Robespierre Bathtub Revolutionaries
    Ronald Reagan and Star wars
    Salem witch trials
    Socrates vs Hemlock
    Soviet Sputniks
    Susan B. Anthony Suffragettes
    T. Sherman Infernos
    The Apollo Moonlanders
    The Aztec Jaguars
    The Berlin Wall
    The Bikini Nukes
    The Darwin Beagles
    The French Resistance
    The Industrial Revolution
    The Jackson Stonewalls
    The Lindbergh Babies
    The Lorenz Machines (vs Colossus)
    The Luddites vs The Industrial Revolution
    The Malta Hospitallers
    The Nasca Flyers
    The Pequod Whalers
    the Pinkerton Guards
    The Ramases Eternals
    The Rothschild Bankers
    The Silver Conquistadors of Iberia
    The Spanish Armada versus The English Fire Ships
    The Terra Cotta Warriors
    Trinity Splitters
    Visigoth Sackers
    Whigs vs. Tories
    Witchfinder champion
    Wright First Flyers