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    Adam and Eve Riding dinosaurs
    Aliens starting the human race
    Amaterasu emerging from the cave
    Apollo dragging the sun behind a chariot
    Area 51
    Atlas Holding the Earth
    Bat Boy
    bleeding Icons
    C02 - You call it pollution. We call it life!
    Cartesian Theater
    Climate Change
    Concave earth
    Crop Circles
    Easter Bunny
    Emission theory of vision
    Expanding Earth
    Faith Healing
    Faith Healing (Laying on Hands)
    Feng Shui
    Flying Spaghetti Monster
    Garage Dragon
    ghost photography
    Giant Human Skeleton Cover-up Conspiracy
    God Bowling up a thunderstorm
    God intelligently designing
    God opens a window in the firmament
    Gods name is Harold
    Gods name is Jealous
    Golden Plates of Moroni
    Hale-Bopp UFO
    Hercules fighting Cerberus
    Holocaust Denial
    JFK assasination
    JFK Assassination
    jibbers crabs
    Jindai Moji
    Man from clay
    Mandela Effect
    Martian Face
    Merlin the Wizard
    Miasma theory of contagion
    Mjolnir causing lightning
    mk ultra
    Monsters under the bed/in the closet
    Mothman Prophecy
    Nazca Lines
    Nicolas Cage Bowling up a thunderstorm
    Nullity (Transreal_arithmetic)
    Odin hanging from a tree
    Old Hitler in Brazil
    Psychic Detectives
    sacred gemoetry
    Salem Witch Trials
    Science Text Books
    Shakespeare authorship
    Sphinx in forest before pyramids
    Spontanious Combustion
    Storms are caused by angry Zeus
    Table turning/ seance/ ouija board
    The Ark Of The Covenant
    The Earth is really getting colder!
    The Golem
    The Holy Grail
    The Theory of Gravity
    The Vaccine-Autism Link
    Thor defeating Ice Trolls
    Triple Helix DNA (From Satan!)
    Tunguska Event UFO
    Turtles All the Way Dow
    Turtles all the way down
    Tycho Brahes model of solar system
    underwater is where the REAL world is
    Vaccine Conspiracy
    vaccine dangers
    Velikovsky, Worlds in Collision!
    Voodoo and Witchcraft
    voodoo economics
    Warming? What warming!
    Water Fueled Engine
    Waterman Physics
    witches and wizards
    World Ice Theory (Welteislehre)
    Zero Point Energy