Shirts Ahoy!

Amorphia Apparel

Look on my shirts, ye mighty, and despair! Funny geek chic shirts that run the gamut of stupidly clever to obscurely relatable. Create your own!

Hirsute History

Minimalist T-Shirt designs featuring the hair of some of the most influential scientists, philosophers, artists, and politicians from history.

Teach the Controversy

Pro-Science parody T-shirts sarcasically uging schools to teach both sides of all sorts of psudoscience nonsense and mythology.

Monsters of Grok

Geek chic t-shirts featuring the names of history's greatest scientists, philosophers, and thinkers merged with band logos.

Sir Critter

Hey nature, why don't you class things up a bit? T-shirts featuring dapper animals dressed to the nines in bow ties, top hats, and whatnot.

ABCs of Evil

T-shirts with cute children's alphabet book style illustrations for monsters and villians from pop culture


Geek friendly science t-shirts featuring over the top bombastic scenes of mad scientists gone oh, so, right.

The History League

Nerd friendly t-shirt designs featuring awesome sports team logos for significant moments from history.

NES My Life

T-shirts reimagining life's everyday struggles as 8-bit Nintendo games. So my fellow aging nerds can retreat into nostalgia!

It is Dangerous to Go Alone

Shirt designs featuring the weapons from classic 8-bit nintendo characters made up of all the baddies you slay in the game.